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5 Ways to Cool Off With Growers Alliance Coffee

April 01, 2021

The heat has hit, and it's time to trade that hot coffee for an iced cup of Growers Alliance Coffee. With temperatures climbing over 100 degrees, we have a few tips for beating the heat. Here are five ways to stay energized and cool all summer long with Growers Alliance Coffee.


Make Cold Brew At Home

It's much simpler than you thought. It's the perfect summer morning cup of get-up-and-go. Not sure how to make cold brew at home? Follow our simple cold brew guide

Coffee Ice Cubes 

Why water down your coffee with regular ice cubes? Brew a whole pot of coffee for your ice cube tray, or use your leftover coffee from this morning's brew. Plus, you can add in your favorite syrups to elevate your cold brew or iced latte. 

No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream 

If you love coffee and sweets, this recipe is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth in even the hottest heatwave. This no-churn coffee ice cream is easy to make and is sure to cool you off! 

Frozen Coffee 

Starbucks who? Make this frozen coffee at home using your favorite Growers Alliance blend. You can even use your coffee ice cubes in this one. 

- 1 cup Growers Alliance Coffee

- 1/4 cup milk or cream of your choosing

- 1-3 tablespoons sugar 

- 1 cup regular or coffee ice cubes

- Blend, pour, garnish with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, and enjoy!

Coffee Popsicles

We've kept the best for last, coffee popsicles. Popsicles are one of our favorite summer treats, and we've put our own twist on this simple popsicle recipe by adding a cup of Growers Alliance coffee!

-1 cup of cold Growers Alliance Coffee

-1/4-1/2 cup cold milk

-1-4 tablespoons granulated sugar

-whisk and taste 

-freeze in a mold or paper cup. 

This summer will be a hot one, so Growers Alliance is here to help you stay cool through Florida's hottest months. Let us know if you try any of these cool treats by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram!

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