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Take A Plant or Leaf a Plant at Growers Alliance

July 01, 2021

Grower’s Alliance proudly supports St. Augustine’s Veteran Garden Project, a grassroots project centered around community service. Organized by veterans for veterans, the aim of this initiative is to heal the community through nature, a concept that we back wholeheartedly. This project’s purpose is to create a safe transition from active duty to civilian life by reconnecting with others through developing a healthy lifestyle. The idea is to get outdoors, connect with peers and learn about sustainable living practices that give back to our earth by growing and harvesting food. The linkage between healing veterans and healing the environment is a powerful connection. 

We share many of the same principles, always striving to deliver the purest and healthiest products for our community by maintaining our promise of fair trade, low acid, and pesticide-free coffee. This is why we have dedicated space on our patio for The Veteran Garden Project’s community plant shelf. We welcome anyone to utilize the swap station by taking a plant and ‘leaf-ing’ a plant so that we can foster an environment that shares with one another. 

Is your plant collection growing faster than you can say ‘photosynthesis’, and you’d like to donate a few? Have a plant at home that’s ready to be propagated? Picked up a struggling plant from our shelf and want to rehabilitate it? We’ve gathered some tips for you!

  • Use a sturdy box when transporting plants
  • Choose a fresh, green stem with a node and always use clean shears when cutting just below the node
  • Be sure that the your pot has proper drainage holes
  • If your plant is suffering from insect infestation, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the leaves
  • If your plant is dehydrated, water just until the soil feels moist then set the bottom of the pot in a shallow bowl of water for about ten minutes
  • You can give your plant a nutritional boost by feeding it the appropriate fertilizer for its species
  • Check your plants roots to see if they are too tight, this means that the plant is ready for a bigger pot

We are so thankful for Veteran Garden Project choosing to place their plant shelf on our patio so we can grow beautiful plants and a beautiful community!

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