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Affiliate Program

We believe that if you enjoy a good beer or wine, you certainly know someone who also enjoys a good beer or wine just like you. The same applies for coffee. We figured out that we could start an Affiliate Program where anyone can become an affiliate of growers Alliance and make money just by referring other people to enjoy a great cup of the finest, gourmet, pesticide free and fair trade coffee. Can’t it be any easier? Click here to see more about our Affiliate Program.

Coffee growers that we work with
When we formed our company, we started by sourcing our coffee from coffee growers in our homeland of Kenya. In fact, at first we were just going to sell Kenyan coffee. However, two things happened that made us re-consider our decision. We had quite a huge following instantly and some of them said that they really love our Kenyan coffee but they would be open to trying something else.  After attending several coffee trade shows we got a chance to meet coffee growers from other countries and we realized that they all had the same plight as the coffee growers back home in Kenya. That is when we decided to identified coffee growers from other coffee growing countries who are focused and committed to pesticide free and fair trade principles.

As a result of this new venture, we started selling coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Costa Rica, in addition to our own Kenyan coffee. This venture took us on an amazing journey and today we can boast of being the world’s best single source for the finest, pesticide free and fair trade coffees from sixteen ( yes, 16!) of the best coffee growing countries in the world. Click here to see a catalog of all our coffees.

Where to find our coffees and How You can Help
Our goal is to get our coffees in as many specialty supermarkets in America as possible. Currently, our coffees are available in the following Supermarkets – Publix, Winn-Dixie and Whole Foods.

Here is a map showing just a few of the supermarkets that we hope to get to carry our Growers Alliance coffees. The more coffees we can bring to you the end consumer, the more we can be able to help the coffee growers. If the supermarkets that you go to does not currently carry our Growers Alliance coffee, you can help us a lot by printing this polite note and pass it to the groceries manager during your next run to the grocery store. We would really be so glad if you can do that.

We work with a lot of churches, schools and nonprofits in helping them raise funds for their projects and missions. Basically, we would sell our coffees to you at a greatly discounted wholesale price and you can them re-sell it to your group to help raise funds for your organization. Click here to contact us about your fundraising project as we would really be glad to help.

Social Responsibility
We have always believed that businesses can (and should) have a positive impact on not only the communities that they serve but those that they source from. We are committed to offering the highest-quality, ethically purchased and responsibly produced products. Through our responsible purchasing practices we invest in coffee growers who we source from and their communities.

Fair trade coffee brings a better quality of life and empowers small-scale farmers organized in democratically-run cooperatives to invest in their farms and communities, protect the environment, and develop the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. Click here to see some of the projects we have done in Kenya.

Our  Sustainability Efforts
pesticide free coffee is grown using methods and materials that have a lower impact on the environment. Pesticide free farming practices help replenish and maintain soil health, eliminate the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.

We will always support coffee growers that are committed to pesticide free principles and we will do what we can to help them. We encourage you to take our Coffee Safari with us to Kenya to see what we are doing to ensure the coffee growers are growing the coffees that we source from the sustainably.