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Coffee Club


  • FREE SHIPPING on any four of the 12 oz packets. Never pay for shipping again!
  • Enjoy the coffee at your own pace: We allow you to select  a shipping interval of either every 2, 4 6 or even 8 weeks!s
  • Select from our list of gourmet coffees from 4 of the best coffee growing countries in the world: Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala and, Costa Rica.
  • We realize that not everybody likes regular coffee, so we added two more options which are the Decaf Kenya and our most recent creation, the Half Regular Half Decaf Kenya
  • We at Growers Alliance are obsessed about freshness. We masterfully and passionately roast our coffees in small batches every morning then let it sit for at least 10 hours to allow degassing. The we ship out all the orders by the following morning!
  • As a member of the coffee club we will save your information especially your billing and shipping addresses so you do not have to fill it again and again or each time you shop on our site.
  • As a member of the coffee club, you can always change and customize your order at any time. Let us say, for example, that you are already signed up as a member, and you are currently receiving one Kenya,  oneEthiopia, one Costa Rican and one and you would like to change your order to 2 Kenya and 2 Ethiopia for example. All you have to do is just send us an email at and will will make the change for you right away!
  • For those who prefer decaf coffee, we have a very rich and smooth Kenyan decaf coffee that is decaffeinated using the Swiss-Water Process - it is completely chemical free…..guaranteed. It has the same nice aroma and taste just like our regular Kenyan but without the buzz!
  • As a member of the coffee club, you will be one of the very first people to receive a sample of any new coffees or any other gourmet items that we bring in. We are currently in the process of bringing in some more Kenyan gourmet good items, for example, Macadamia nuts,cashew nuts, Kenyan tea,etc. 
  • There is no obligation to join our Growers Alliance Coffee Club and you can cancel your membership or change your order shipping frequency at anytime by sending us an email at or by calling our toll free customer service number 1 888 309 7397 or 904 371 7869.