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"Your coffee has a full flavor and is always very rich and smooth, unlike most of the other coffees in restaurants, office break rooms and gas stations. It is the real deal!"

Eric Gordon, Jacksonville, Florida

"All I can say is that I used to spend too much money on the Kona coffee and the Jamaican Blue Mountain until I got a chance to try your Kenyan coffee."

Sarah Hughes, Phoenix, Arizona

"It is very important for me to see that part of the money goes back to the actual coffee growers in Kenya since they do the hardest work. Thanks for giving back and we will always support you."

Bonnie Hodges, Portland, Oregon

"My favorite is the Coffee Safari because it allows me to try four coffees from four of the best coffee growing counties in the world. You guys rock!"

Liz Gallagher, Boston, Massachusetts

"One thing that stands out about Growers Alliance Coffee is the fact that all their coffees are Pesticide Free and Fair-trade Single Origin coffees. The best part is that for every bag that is sold, part of the profits goes back to help uplift the standards of living in coffee growing communities."

Ben Kastner - New Hampshire

"I believe in Pesticide Free and Fair Trade and Growers Alliance is doing exactly that!"

Marybeth Dolsey, Reno, Nevada