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Ethiopian Coffee | A Unique Boldness

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Enjoy the true taste of Pesticide Free Ethiopian Coffee!

Ethiopian coffee is bold, intense and  complex. It's aroma with hints of caramel, cocoa, fresh- cut cedar, almond and roses that is accompanied by a rich and well balanced acidity. In the cup the caramel turns crisp and cocoa-like and the wine-toned fruit deepens and develops a savory edge. The cocoa note in particular carries into a rich finish. By the way did you know that the coffee plant was first discovered in Ethiopia centuries ago? 

About this coffee

Our Ethiopian coffee comes from the coffee growing region of southern Sudan called Yirgacheffe. This area is famous for producing distinctively floral and fruit toned coffees from traditional varieties of Arabica, which has been grown in this are for generations. Ethiopia is the world's 7th largest producer of coffee, and Africa's top producer, with 260,000 metric tons in 2006. Half of the coffee is consumed by Ethiopians, and the country leads the African continent in domestic consumption.

The major markets for Ethiopian coffee are the European Union (about half of exports), East Asia (about a quarter) and North America. The total area used for coffee cultivation is estimated to be about 4,000 km2 though the correct size is unknown due to the fragmented nature of the coffee farms.

The way of production has not changed much since the 10th century, with nearly all work, cultivating and drying, still done by hand. The revenues from coffee exports account for a big part of annual Ethiopian government revenue and because of this large share, the industry is given very high priority, but there are conscious efforts by the government to reduce the coffee industry's share of the GDP by increasing the manufacturing sector.

More Info 

This is an award winning coffee that is both Fairly Traded & Pesticide Free which means that the coffee guarantees farmers a fair price, fair labor conditions, and environmentally sustainable farming that protect farmer's health and preserve our valuable ecosystems. This is premium specialty coffee of gourmet quality that comes from 100% Arabica bean and it is grown in the shade and on high altitude.


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